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FluxBuddha 4/21/2018 at The Rubin Museum of Art!

Smile of breath and bibebr (BigBellyBreathing) gui-dance for the event at the museum, and showing candy sculptures. Lineup of peers is incredible and barely listed on link yet, but more details under:

Every Sunday ‘Warm from Within’ at 2:22pm

Until 4pm at the beautiful Elizabeth Street Garden

Elizabeth Street (between Prince & Spring streets), New York

Come anytime to enjoy deep breathing with Wim Hof/Tsa Lung- inspired techniques! This program is easy to join as the breathing is (as always) a continuous flow.
– Learn how to warm from within
– Experience the “energy body” within minutes with e.g tingling sensations.
– Improve health, avoid sickness.
– Gain mood boosts
– Learn about the science on breath, the latest studies on improving immune system, from depression/anxiety to happier states.


Please check the MEETUP page for updates on the weekly gatherings:

Other events will be posted here, and you can also send me an email to receive the newsletter.


Warm from Within: Wim Hof/Tsa Lung-inspired techniques
WEDNESDAY, Sept 13, from 7-9pm
Washington Square Park under North Arch
Hi All,
We continue the weekly gathering to:
– learn how to warm from within (winter…)
– improve health, get much less sick
– gain mood boosts, feel happier
However comfortable we feel, we can explore walking in colder outside with less clothes to warm from within. Or also attend Ice Baths.
I have years of experience guiding yoga, meditation, breathing, finished Wim Hof ten week course, and live yearround outside in sandals and shorts. It’s all practice and commitment. As Wim says: No Ego, We Go. Let’s gather and breathe again.
Thank you!


WEDNESDAY, Sept 6 from 6 pm:
Event all around Breathing with virtual reality and breath biofeedback Wednesday 7-9pm at Sixth Street Community Center, 638 East 6th Street, New York
– Demo of a brandnew prototype of virtual reality breath biofeedback…visualized and sonified guided breathing
– Science on breath…the latest studies on improving immune system, from depression/anxiety to happier states
– Guided session of Wim Hof-inspired breathing to soothe out the event and apply what we learned
Demo of breath biofeedback in virtual reality via augmented reality (taking a breath after that!):


The past months were dedicated to guiding a groups with breathing techniques. We are also working on a virtual reality program with breath biofeedback to explore techniques with technology. More soon!
For now, a meetup group in NY is an accessible way for many to learn and connect. We meet every Wednesdays in NYC. Contact me for more information where and when exactly.


Wed, April 26, from 12pm NOON at 12 St Marks Pl

Being in the Now at Noon
with Wim Hof/Tummo breathing + Reiki + soundscapes

Brief break midday to relax, receive and reinvigorate
Forming lungs wings wider and wider

Breathing guidance by hannes bend (
Reiki guidance by Stella Metzner, Daniel Friedman , Philip Attar and others
Soundscapes by Dreeemy
Gong bath by Alan Shurafa
Possible dancing to warm up and wind down in…

… the spacious and light-filled studio 3F at Arts On Site, 12 St Marks Pl near all kinds of trains

Eventbrite page

Donation-based $10+


Fb event page link

This session will be facilitated by Malia Kulp, MJ Caselden, Katie Down and hannes bend.


We-Vibrational Beings

Sound baths, Energy Healing, Voice- & Breath-Dancing

On Saturday, Feb 25, from 3-5.30 pm

12 St Marks, 10003 NY at the beautiful Arts On Site with generous space and light

In Studio 3F

Link with early bird tickets:

Malia, Luana, MJ and hannes invite you and all to experience being as and in vibrations. The event will offer explorations of fun practices Please join for an afternoon with sound baths, diverse breathing techniques, energy healing, sonic group experiences and vocal alchemy.

Delve into how ours minds, bodies and spirits vibrate as one being, group and embodied ONENESS…

Luana DeAngelis is a Reiki Master Teacher and Social Innovator with a multi-generational lineage in natural health. Her work includes hands on energy, sound and lifestyle restructuring She is an integrative therapist trained in Reiki, theta healing, essential oils, native herbs, nutrition, gong, tuning forks along with nutrition and personal empowerment counselling.

Michael Jay offers immersive sound baths with gongs. He is the founder of SVAHA which is a collective tribe of Musicians, Artists and Healers dedicated to awakening, activating and bringing forth the vibration of Love and Balance upon this planet, within and for All Beings, through ancient and ever-evolving technologies of Sound, Light, Color, Crystal, Intention, Breath, Sacred Geometry, and Seasonal and Planetary Cycles.

Malia and hannes will join to guide breathing techniques inspired by Tibetan gTum mo, Tsa Lung, Wim Hof Method breathing together with sounding, voice dancing, vocal vortex, yoga and affirmations.

Explore how to induce a hypnagogic state (state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep) through breathing and focus. Sense the subtle and energy body by releasing the mind and tapping into embodied awareness. The experience can potentially (re-)form one’s reality in combination with positive affirmations, visualizations and primal sounds.

Clinical studies on breathing techniques have shown coping of injections of e.coli bacteria, acid to alkaline blood pH level changes and a release of more adrenaline than a first bungee jumper through breathing!


Sunday, January 29, 2017 from 7-9 pm 

12 St Marks, 10003 NY at the beautiful Arts On Site with generous space and light

In Studio 4F, $10

Please (if possible) bring light clothes, yoga mat and an empty stomach (more effective)


Warm Winter from Within with Vocal Vibrations 

Sonic vibrations, sounding and circlesinging, simple effective breathing techniques, sound and energy healing, positive affirmations and (vocal) meditation. 

Adaptive practices for all ages. Inspired by the Wim Hof Method, Tibetan gTum mo and Buddhist Vipassana meditation, yoga and Tai Chi.


Malia Swift Kulp is an electrifying performer, singer, teacher and sound healer. She uses her own voice to teach, perform, heal and empower – Vocal Alchemist. And facilitates small and large groups in using their own voices to improvise, dance, build community, and elevate consciousness. She is committed to the reclamation of power through the voice, and works with women as a vocal empowerment teacher and coach. Her training, performance, teaching, and healing work crosses many contexts and demographics, from the Metropolitan Opera and Carnegie Hall to transformational festivals to intimate house healing groups. Malia shines like the sun and will light you up with the glory of your own voice.

hannes bend is a certified yoga/meditation instructor, and worked with kids and people all ages internationally in yoga studios, 1-on-1, on Rikers Island (volunteering since 2014), summer camps and academic conferences. In 2016, hannes initiated the first Wim Hof workshop in Brooklyn. hannes has presented research on consciousness and contemplative practices at renowned conferences. hannes is inspired by his personal journey about healing from trauma/cerebral palsy/decades of depression through contemplative practices. hannes loves all beings and any practices to realize and embody oneness.

hannesbend at g