happy hannes

hannes bend is a practitioner of breathing & mindfulness practices, yoga and the Wim Hof Method.  Since 2014, hannes has also been teaching his ‘own’ blend at various institutions in New York such as the Rubin Museum of Art, preK-12 schools through Mission Be and at Rikers Island, the city’s main jail complex.  Additionally, hannes is also a certified yoga instructor and has trained with Drumko Gyal, a ‘Tibetan Mantra Healing’  expert.

Every Saturday afternoon at 1:11pm, hannes leads a breathing workshop at the Elizabeth Street Garden in Soho.  Please see this link for details: https://www.meetup.com/breatheny/

As mentioned above, hannes is a mindful educator for Mission Be, a non-profit organization: https://www.missionbe.org/mindful-educators/

hannes is a member of FlowState, the international tribe of people who are dedicated the transformation of humans, the emergence of flow cultures and the creation of regenerative global systems. Please see link: https://www.flowstate.co/about/

As part of his artistic practice, hannes merges virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) projects with traditional mindful practices.  Using biofeedback sensors monitoring heart rate and breath, VR/AR visual stimuli transforms.  These projects are based on meditation studies conducted at the Institute of Neuroscience (University of Oregon) where hannes was an artist-in-residence from 2014-2016.  These studies were widely presented.  At Stanford University, in particular, hannes won the presentation award for “Well-Being Computing: AI meets Health and Happiness Science” at the 2016 AAAI Spring Symposia. hannes’ team continues to explore how to offer creative and contemplative practices in simple forms for all ages through the media of VR & AR.

in hannes’ words:

“My personal journey is a healing from a birth trauma and decades of depression.  Through physiotherapy, but mainly contemplative practices, I have been able to overcome these afflictions. Nobody needs to suffer from anxiety or depression. We can all live happy, healthy and harmonious when learning the ‘’how to’’.

I believe the ‘’trick’’ is to become more aware of breathing.

As we become more aware of our breathing, we can live more consciously aligned with our nervous system and “from the heart.”   This is achievable – and backed scientifically – through the various breathing and mindful practices (such as Wim Hof’s, g-tummo and many more, please check “Research” section of this site).

I have learned a few and am happy to share!”